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Moraine Lake

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Trans men in Canada share a host of experiences and issues that are different from what our American and International brothers are familiar with. From finding doctors, therapists and surgeons, and figuring out documentation changes, to dealing with testosterone shortages and the hoops of surgery funding, we stand to gain from sharing our knowledge with each other.

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In Focus


Trans Activism in Canada

The first of its kind, Trans Activism in Canada is an anthology that brings together activists and allies to examine the various strategies and forms of resistance needed to transform oppression into opportunity for change. Read a preview »


BC Support Groups

In-person support groups bring together people facing similar issues, and offer a different dynamic than online support. View the list of support groups in BC »


New Surgery Funding For Trans Men In BC

October 8, 2015 – Last week at the CPATH conference in Halifax, BC's Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) announced new surgery funding for transgender men. Learn more »

Healthcare Access: Map of GRS Coverage in Canada for Trans Men

Contrary to popular belief, not all Canadian trans men have access to surgery funding. There are different levels of coverage across the country—in some places, no coverage—creating gaps in equal access to healthcare. Find out what's covered where »


Human Rights: Mapping Gender Identity and Expression Laws in Canada

While there is no explicit protection of gender identity and expression in Canada's Human Rights Act, several provinces and territories have added protections to their provicial/territorial codes. Find out where gender identity and expression is protected »