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New Surgery Funding For Trans Men In BC

CPATH conference 2015October 8, 2015 – Last week at the CPATH conference in Halifax, BC's Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) announced new surgery funding for transgender men.

PHSA's Arden Krystal shared that BC's Ministry of Health has approved funding for the aftercare portion of MTF and FTM surgeries performed at GRS Montreal. The clinic requires patients to stay in a residential care facility following surgery, and previously, patients were responsible for the $2000-$3000 cost of this stay. The funding will be in place as soon as a contract is signed with GRS Montreal.

Krystal also announced that funding for FTM Top Surgery will double in 2016.

BC trans men seeking surgery funding have limited choices of surgeons, but this too is expected to change:

  • Surgeons in Victoria have been added to the list of approved surgeons for Top Surgery.
  • At CPATH, Krystal indicated the PHSA's interest in "spreading demand to various surgical centres" in the US and the UK for Metoidioplasty and Phalloplasty surgeries. (Currently, GRS Montreal and the team in Ghent, Belgium headed by Dr. Monstrey are being funded.) They will be working on a business case for the next year and will then submit it to the Ministry of Health for review.

An official release about the new funding is expected to be published to the PHSA website soon.